Algo Electric



Sling-Choker Mfg. Sault Ste. Marie is proud to welcome the Algo Electric team to our company. Algo Electric, with over 150 years of combined in-house experience, has the tools and expertise to achieve your project goals. Contact us to go over your project specifications and details, we would be happy to assist you!

Services & Specialties

• Electric Motors Rewinding
• Pump Rebuilds
• Electric Welder Repairs
• Crane Brake Shoe Re-lining
• Commercial & Industrial Servicing
• Dynamic Balancing
• Energy Management Services

We have been a member in good standing of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association since 1969!

Motor Vendors (NEMA & Metric)

We specialize in all types of electric motor rewinding and overhauling for both AC (1500HP) and DC (600 HP) motors.  

• A.O. Smith
• Baldor
• Bauer
• Brook Crompton
• Electro Adda
• Emerson
• Eurodrive
• Fasco
• General Electric
• Lafert
• Leeson
• Lincoln
• Max Motion
• Regal Beloit
• Tatung
• Teco Westinghouse
• Torkwinch
• Toshiba
• US Motors
• Weg

Pump Vendors

We offer rebuilding services for all types of submersible, centrifugal and spa pumps, as well as these type/brand of pumps:

• Flygt
• Franklin
• Gorman Rupp
• Armstrong
• Myers
• Bell and Gossett
• Barnes
• Toyo
• Taco
• Grindex

New Motor Sales & Service

Our team has expertise with all types of electric motors and we are affiliated with several major brands. Whether you need a new motor, a motor rebuild or rewind, or motor drive and automation services, we can help get your project started!




We are affiliated with SAF Drives Inc., a Canadian supplier of drive and automation solutions.  For over 40 years they have served a wide variety of industrial and commercial customers throughout North America.

Bring to us your unique application.  We can deliver to you a customized solution, with the necessary start-up and support services to make it a successful project.

These solutions include:

  • AC Drive Systems (motors and drives)
  • DC Drive Systems (motors and drives)
  • Rugged Softstarters 
  • Automation of above

Other associated products include:

  • Cool Blue common mode cores and NaLa differential mode cores for VF drives


Energy Management

Our technical team has many years of experience in industrial power systems, drive systems, motors and automation in both maintenance and engineering capacities. Combining this in-house experience with our many industry contacts and affiliations, we can economically provide Energy Management Services to our customers.

We can offer the following products and services to satisfy all four steps:

  • Energy Monitoring Systems
  • Energy Audits
  • Technical Solutions to Reduce Consumption
  • Ongoing Energy Analysis Services


Energy Monitoring Systems

Our company is a channel partner for the supply of CircuitMeter energy monitoring systems. CircuitMeter offers a breakthrough in energy efficiency with circuit level real-time sub-metering and energy analytics for a very economical cost.


We can supply an economic, fully configured, and commissioned system that records current, voltage, and power factor data every 2 seconds for any number of circuits in your facility. Instruments are installed in your existing panels to interface with WebMeter, with each box capable of collecting the raw data from up to 36 circuits at a time. WebMeter then calculates power and energy values before sending it and the raw values to a server in the Cloud for long term storage, retrieval, and analysis.



The second step in reducing your energy consumption is to analyze it in detail to identify areas of improvement. These improvements could be operational modifications, user behaviour changes, or equipment upgrades.

As part of the delivery of the CircuitMeter energy monitoring system, our team will provide an initial set of charts and graphs and a dashboard for you to use.  However, a detailed energy audit report can also be provided upon request. We are authorized to provide energy audits that qualify for funding from the saveONenergy programs. This program is administered by the Local Distribution Company (LDC) in your area. Depending on the complexity of the audit and the available incentives, the cost of the energy monitoring system could be partially paid for.


Reducing Consumption

We have many years of experience in industrial power systems, drive systems, motors, and automation. This in-house experience along with our many industry affiliations means that we can economically provide technical solutions to our Industrial and Commercial customers.

The key is to deliver to you, the customer, a solution that can be easily maintained by yourself or with minimal support by an outside entity.

Solutions that would typically be done entirely by our technical team:

  • Recommendations for electrical upgrades
  • Small automation projects
  • Small drive and motor upgrade projects

Solutions that would typically be done by an affiliate with our team overseeing the work:

  • Recommendations for mechanical upgrades
  • Larger automation projects
  • Larger drive and motor upgrade projects

For drive and automation solutions we are affiliated with SAF Drives Inc. Lighting upgrades and building automation upgrades would best be done by other vendors.


Ongoing Energy Analysis

We offer Ongoing Energy Analysis Services to both small and large industrial and commercial customers. While we train our customers how to use the CircuitMonitoring tools, you may want someone with the power systems expertise to analyze the data. 

So as part of a new order, we will provide a year of support from our in-house experts. This service can be renewed annually to help you analyze your usage, point out possible improvements, and verify that any changes have realized your goals.