Victaulic Catalog

IPS Carbon Steel Pipe
Grooved Fittings

Grooved IPS Fittings
Victaulic fittings are designed specifically for use
in grooved piping systems.

Victaulic offers a broad line of fittings In sizes through 24" (600 mm) In a variety of straight and reducing styles. Most standard fittings are cast of durable ductile iron to precise tolerances. Victaulic standard fittings pressure ratings conform to the ratings of Victaulic Style 77 couplings.

All fittings are supplied with grooves or shoulders to permit fast installation without field preparation. The grooved design permits flexibility for easy allgnment. These fittings are not intended for use with Victaulic couplings for plain end pipe (refer to page 56 for fittings available for p1ain end applications).

Fittings are provided in various materials including malleable iron, ductile iron, steel or segmentally welded steel depending on styles and size. Fittings are painted orange enamel with galvanized optionally avallable, contact Victaulic for detalls.

Victaulic fittings are designed specifically for use in grooved piping systems. Fittings are provided grooved or with shoulders conforrning to standard steel pipe outside diameters. when connecting wafer or lug-type butterfly valves directly to Victaulic fittings with 741 or 743 Vic-Flange® adapters, check disc clearance dimensions with I.D. dimension of fitting.
Request 07.01.

Alternate Materials
Stainless Steel -
Grooved end fittings are avallable in Schedule 10 Type 316 stainless steel (Schedule 5, 40 and Type 304 optionally available) in various sizes. See page 57.
Request 17.04 for details.

Aluminum - Grooved end fittings are available in aluminum alloy 356 T6, in sizes from 1 - 8" (25 - 200 mm). Request 21.03 or contact Victaulic for details.

Alternate Styles
EndSeal® "ES" Fittings -
EndSeal fittings are available in 2 - 12" (50-300 mm) foruse with "ES" grooved pipe and HP-70E5 EndSeal or Fire-R couplings. See page 12. Always specify "ES EndSeal fittings" when ordering.
Request 07.04 for information on EndSeal fittings.

Fittings Machined for Rubber or Urethane Lining (MRL) - For severe abrasive services, Victaulic fittings may he rubber or urethane lined (by others). Lining may he inside diameter/end (abrasion resistance) or wrap-around (corrosion and/or abrasion) machined.
Request 25.03 or contact Victaulic for specific details.