Assembly Instructions - Kuplex

Observe These Five Safety Tips When Slinging With Kuplex II:

  1. Selecting the proper chain size for your Kuplex II Chain Sling is of utmost importance. The Working Load Limit Chart on page 6 defines load limits of 9/32" through 1 1/4" Accoloy Chain in 1, 2, 3 and 4 leg styles. You may determine the correct chain size and sling style for the job by working from this handy table.
  2. Should repairs ever be necessary on a Kuplex II Sling, it is recommended that only Kuplex II Sling Distributors be allowed to handle the repairs. A trained staff and an adequate stock of Kuplex II proof tested component parts are available to give you fast repair service.
  3. To insure comparability of attachments with Accoloy Chain, Kuplex II components, identified by the distinctive orange color, should be used to make up a Kuplex II Sling or to repair an old sling. Should the body chain of a Kuplex II Sling become badly damaged or broken - replace the entire leg with Accoloy chain.
  4. Kuplex II components will fit most chain manufactured domestically, however, for engineered uniformity and quality control only Accoloy is recommended.
  5. Because of link dimension differences, A8A chain should not be mixed with any other chain when assembling a multi-leg sling.

Assembly Instructions

Kuplex II assembles and disassembles quickly with simple, readily available tools.

1. Select the Kuplex II components to be attached to the matching chain size. 5g1.GIF (4979 bytes)
5g2.GIF (5447 bytes) 2. Insert the end link of the chain into the slot of the Kuplex II component. Pass the load pin through the component and chain link so that the grooves in the load pin are in line with the retaining pin holes. (Grooves in load pin should point toward body of component.)
3. Drive the Spirol* retaining pins into the Kuplex II component until flush with surface. 5g3.GIF (4470 bytes)
5g4.GIF (5820 bytes) 4. To disassemble, drive the retaining pins out with a drive pin. Retaining pins and load pins are reusable.

Important: Use only genuine Kuplex load and retaining pins when assembling slings. Never use rods, bolts or other objects of questionable strength and metallurgy. Failure could cause serious injury or damage to property.

Information for Calculating Chain Length

Bearing Point to Bearing Point

5g5.GIF (2972 bytes)

Single Leg Type -if the measurement comes within the link, the following link is cut. Reach given should be minimum.

2 Leg Type - The required chain length is measured and cut (same as single leg). The first and last links should lie in opposite planes-this allows hooks and attachments to point away from the load as shown. Cut the second leg with the same number of links.

3 and 4 Leg Type - The cutting length is measured and number of links counted. Must be an odd number of links (due to secondary links on Master Link Assembly) so hooks hang on correct plane, pointing out. Chain lengths for additional legs are cut with this same number of links.

If reach is over five feet (1.52m), add the difference to the figures in "Cut Chain Length Needed for 5' (1.52m) Reach" column found on pages 6 thru 12. If reach is under five feet (1.52m), subtract the difference. A metal tag showing the sling reach will be attached to the sling.

Required reach - 8 ft. (2.44M)
Sling type and size - CO 9/32" (7mm) chain

caution.GIF (437 bytes) Extreme caution should be used when cutting chain with a torch to avoid heating adjacent links.

* Registered TM of Spirol International