Tank Inspection Solution

Sling-Choker Mfg. is dedicated to providing expert consultation when it comes to rigging - and we put that into practice this month at a mine site in Northern Ontario.

An inspection team was looking for a way to efficiently lower acetylene and oxygen tanks down their shaft. Instead of using traditional sling methods, which would have been difficult to safely and easily load, we designed fitted canvas bags with full-length zippers and a triple D-ring band.

This method provided the customer with easily accessible attachment points for a 3-legged sling, in addition to ensuring a safe, even lift. The zipper enabled the team to perform a quick series of lifts, as they simply removed the tanks from the bags, whereas any previous method would have seen them detach the sling after every lift was complete.

Our supplier, Porcupine Canvas, is a manufacturer of specialized canvas products for the mining, exploration, and workplace safety sectors. With experience and strength in manufacturing assorted field bags, safety barriers, and survey tools, we work closely together to design unique solutions to problems across our entire customer base.


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